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2. Re: France, Spain, Portugal iPhone sim and data for IPad

you may want to check with your local carrier and see whats offered in terms of international rates/packages and such. Even check the competition. also since you will be there for a long time, you maybe able to get a better rate at home. but at the min, i would check locally first.

this is what i found out when i bought my inexpensive phone in the UK. I understand its not where you are going, but from what i understand, the rates are capped in some/all of the Euro countries. Im sure someone will chime in if im wrong or where that capping is.

I have a UK and Netherlands SIM and this is my experience.

1. I can use and have used both SIMS everywhere i have travel and have not had an issue yet. again, not everywhere you are going.

2. Yes you can buy a SIM in each country, but i would examine HOW you are going to use your e toys. It maybe worth it to do so if you are going to use alot of data. also, since you are overthere for a long time, it maybe worth it to do so anyway. They may have better plans for Months vs PAYG.

3. If you choose to get just one SIM, then verify you can add minutes using your credit card. My UK SIM i can not add minutes with my USA credit card. I need a UK credit card. I can add minutes with a UK voucher, but i have to buy/them before i leave and can use them outside of the UK. On my NL SIM i can add minutes using the www and paypal.

4. I just bought my sims from T mobile in both countries. No problems what so ever setting them up. they will do it for you if you want to. If you can get T at home, you may want to look at what they have to offer. Up here they are offering a 50 USD/month international plan. they have upped the data from 500 MB/Month to 1 GB/month on 3/4G. when overseas, once the 1GB is used up, it knocks you down to 2G.

This is what i like about the Non USA PAYG SIM. Im paying for voice/text and its not alot of cost. If i want to data, i can buy that for 1 day, 3 days or 1 week in terms of MB blocks. in the USA i have to buy a yearly plan or monthly plan as i have now. I cant do that on my PAYG SIM.

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Can you show me a map of spain?

I cannot show you directly the map of Spain but i can give you the link where you can find the map of Spain, here it is:

Map of Spain showing surrounding countries and oceans?

I know that Portugal and France border it. I don't know what oceans border it though.