Real estate Spain prices

"The strength of the pound against the euro, which means buyers are seeing their money go further, [is] boosting appetite for big-ticket investments like overseas property, " Mr McHugh added.

House prices in the Spanish residential property market fell 7.7pc between April and June in 2009 amid eurozone turmoil.

Thousands of expats splashed out on their dream property thinking the market had hit the bottom only to see it fall again in 2012.

Prices are still languishing 9pc below 2011 levels and are 6pc down on last year, tempting international investors and British buyers, who now see Spain as the "value market" in Europe.

Investors are looking to luxury locations in Marbella and making long term purchases, said John Collier-Wright of JR Capital

"US and other overseas investors are only moving back into Spanish real estate, both residential and commercial, when they can see fundamentals in place concerning limited supply of prime property, " he added.

However, concerns are building over the continued strength of the pound given Britain's deficit which is approaching record levels, and clouds are once again gathering over the eurozone. These factors could dampen the Spanish property market in the months ahead.

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What is a real estate sales contract?

A contract between a Real Estate Brokerage Firm and a seller
allowing the firm to list the seller's home and place it in the
Multiple Listing Service for that area's Association and n which
seller agrees to pay firm a fee for service (commission).

How is the real estate sales?

Illegal question; if I answered it, it would be even more illegal.
Commissions are individual, personal and private and not open to public discussion. I don't believe this law is local; it is Federal. You aren't off to a good start.
I am located in Long Island, but one of my professions is a trainer to Realtors nationwide. I would be happy to discuss this with you privately 631-425-6150 or through personal email
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