BBC Spain Football fixtures

Glenn owns the actual fixtures computer and is very heavily involved in putting together the fixtures for the Premier League, the Football League and the lower Scottish divisions.

Plenty of you posted on the blog asking a variety of questions.

As you can imagine Glenn has had a very busy week but earlier on Wednesday he e-mailed me the answers to some of the issues you raised.

Here is what Glenn had to say:

"I thought that I would answer some of your questions, starting with the easy one - which team do I support? I actually support a League Two side, so you can't argue that my involvement in the fixture compilation process has given them any help.

"There were also a few questions regarding Scottish fixtures, the same methodology is used for the Scottish Football League (not Scottish Premier League) fixtures but with a few minor adjustments to the compilation rules.

"There were a number of queries on limiting travel and to my quote that the fixture computer is not aware of distances between clubs. As a number of people have mentioned, it is possible to make the fixture computer aware of travel distances but this has to be considered along with all other constraints and parameters that make up the overall compilation process.

"Some clubs would also prefer to have their local fixtures on a Saturday as this will mean a larger crowd for a local game. This season in the Football League we have considered travel distances for the majority of midweek fixtures.

"It's not always easy to do this especially in League One where you have a majority of southern-based clubs. And due to pairing requests and specific home or away date requests you don't always have the correct mix of teams on the home and away side for a given date.

"Feedback from this season's fixtures will tell if we have made the correct decision to prioritise travel for Football League clubs.

"Those of you who read the blog will be thinking that my example of Southend United and West Ham United's pairing has not been perfectly achieved this season - this year was a good example of how high priority date requests can affect some of the 'secondary pairings'. The V Festival in Essex impacted upon Southend's hopes of alternating their fixtures with West Ham United

"We received date requests for Colchester United to be away on the weekend of the 'V' Festival and also had a number of date requests for West Ham United to be away in August.

"These date requests meant that for a number of fixtures both West Ham United and Southend United had to play at home (and away on the same date). The priority pairing in Essex is for Southend United to be away when Colchester United are at home, maintaining this priority pairing meant that we could not achieve the perfect Southend/West Ham pairing. Additionally a similar issue occurred with Colchester United and Ipswich Town, due to a date request from Norwich City.

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