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The Spanish flag is a red and yellow horizontal triband (the yellow stripe is in the middle, and is twice as tall as each red band). A simplified version of Spain's coat of arms is pictured on the yellow band, towards the hoist side. The height of this flag is two-thirds the width. Spain's flag was officially adopted on December 19, 1981.

The Spanish coat of arms depicts two crown-topped pillars of Hercules (with red banners displaying the motto in Latin, "PLUS ULTRA, " meaning "More Beyond, " alluding to Columbus' discovery of the New World). The two columns flank a shield that displays a castle, a lion wearing a crown, red and yellow vertical stripes, chain mail, and three fleurs-de-lis in an oval in the center. An ornate red and golden crown sits atop the shield.

1. Does the flag of Spain have horizontal or vertical stripes?____________________________

2. What animal is pictured in the Spanish coat of arms? ____________________________

3. What type of building is pictured in the Spanish coat of arms. ____________________________

4. When was the Spanish flag officially adopted? ____________________________________

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Why does the Windows logo waver like a flag?

If you go back as far as version 3 of windows, the logo was a a basic black outline of a Window frame with the 'panes of glass' in red, blue green and yellow, this has just evolved over the years into something a bit more refined.