Spain 2014 training Polo

I was sitting in the Joe & The Juice on Broadwick Street, sipping on a Fibre Active and catching up on some work, when the Palmer-Wongs happened to walk in and they had Hiking Joe Bender's parents with them - out for a bit of family Christmas shopping.
"This is Gareth, who I play water polo with..." introduced Hiking Joe Bender politely. Mrs Palmer made a joke about spending money - Hiking Joe Bender is one of the funniest guys that I know and it's clear where he gets his sense of humour from.

Ass. Coach Andrea was in charge and after a few widths and some passing to warm up, it was straight into some friendly scrimmage with Ass. Coach Andrea providing individual guidance and advice to everyone.


  • The continuing tension between Andy and the Queen of Spain as they each jostle for the prestige of being the best player in the London Orca squad.
  • The continuing flirtation between Sads and Ass. Coach Andrea.
  • The continuing improvement in the game of Australian David (a.k.a. Donuts Devlin) - today a magnificent bouncing goal.
  • The continuing aggression of Ex-Captain Dan - today revealing his frustration with Charles' style of play: "He is at least consistent..." admitted Dan.
  • The continuing revelation of Hackney's usefulness - today putting his chandelier repair skills to work on the ULU goals.
Life in London Orca rolls on.


Planning ahead - upcoming events for the league formerly known as the Champagne Water Polo League:
Tournoi International de Paris: 22nd May - 25th May 2015.
EuroGames Stockholm: 5th August - 8th August 2015.
Tel Aviv Water Games: 15th October -19th October 2015.
There is also likely to be a tournament in London: details to be confirmed.

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