2013 Spain train crash

Spain train crashSpain train crash: Video shows moment of derailment that left 80 dead :By all accounts, the train was going way too fast as it curled around a gentle bend. Then in an instant, one car tumbled off the track, followed by the rest of the locomotive, which seemed to come apart like a zipper being pulled.

The derailment sent pieces of the sleek train plowing across the ground in a ghastly jumble of smashed metal, dirt and smoke.

But a day after Spain suffered its deadliest rail disaster in decades — which killed 80 people and maimed scores of others — one question surpassed all others: Why was the train moving so fast?

Spain train crashInvestigators opened a probe Thursday into possible failings by the 52-year-old driver and the train’s in-built speed-regulation systems.

Experts said one, or both, must be at fault for the disastrous Wednesday night crash of the train that was carrying 218 passengers and five crew members to Santiago de Compostela, a destination of Catholic pilgrimage preparing to celebrate its most revered saint.

Instead, this stunned city of nearly 100, 000 converted its sports arena into a shelter for the dead and the grieving.

“All Spaniards feel the pain of the families, ” said Spain’s head of state, King Juan Carlos, as he and Queen Sofia met hospitalized survivors of the crash 2.5 miles (4 kilometres) south of Santiago de Compostela.USA High Speed in Train is not qualified as high speed train! The royal couple dressed in funereal black.

“For a native of Santiago like me, this is the saddest day, ” said Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, who toured the crash scene and declared a national three-day mourning period.

The regional government of Galicia, in northwest Spain, said 94 people remained hospitalized, 31 of them in critical condition, including four children. The U.S. State Department said one American died and at least five others were hurt but cautioned that those figures could be revised upward.

Many victims suffered severe burns as the train’s diesel fuel ignited a fire that caught some passengers trapped in mangled upside-down carriages. Emergency officials took DNA samples from the most heavily burned or the unconscious in an effort to identify both the living and the dead.

Rafael Catala, a senior transport official in Spain’s Development Ministry, told radio network Cadena SER that the train appeared to be going much faster than the track’s speed limit of 80 kph (50 mph) as it approached the city.

America’s neglect of its railroads could be turning deadly The truth about the train accident in Spain (Video) Report issued for the Santiago train derailment accident in Spain in 2013 Swiss train crash : Dozens hurt in Granges-pres-Marnand (Video)

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What happened with the train crash in Spain? | Yahoo Answers

The train was travelling 'far too fast' on a 'speed restricted' bend - the train coaches left the track and smashed into the wall that was the length of the bend - destroying those coaches and killing 70+ people.
The media reported the train driver 'refused' (so far) to answer any questions when interviewed by the authorities afterwards.
The train drivers (2) changed-over while the train was running (normal procedure) just before the crash - whether that had anything to do with what happened....we'll all have to wait and see later on when the enquiry is eventually completed.
The dri…

What caused the train crash in Spain? | Yahoo Answers

he was going 120 mph on a 50 mph rated section of track. yeah , he was kinda speeding a little ;(