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I am planning to make a first trip to Europe next spring for two weeks. I cannot decide between these two destinations, which one do you think would be more memorable?

Italy: Rome, Florence and Venice.
Spain: Madrid, Seville, Barcelona

I know that both countries are amazing and that I have to make the decision myself, but I am just curious to read your personal taste and travel experiences.

Here are the main points I'm trying to compare for both trips:

1)- Which itinerary is easiest to do by public transportation

2)- Which country is easiest for someone who doesn't speak Italian and Spanish?

3)- Which country based on these three bases would give the opportunity for the easiest, quickest and best day trips.

4)- Is there a big difference between the expenses like hotels, restaurants, etc. (I read that Italy is more expensive, but is it a considerable difference?). I want to stay near the attractions/center of each city and although eating sometimes in restaurants would be great, I want to also buy a little grocery like fruits or bread and cheese, snacks, sandwishes, etc..

5)- Which of this itinerary has the most wow factor? I love to see history, beautiful scenery, piazzas, beautiful historic small streets full of shops, terraces, parks, churches, etc, In other words, I want to experience Europe and its charms and beauty... Are both equally stunning in your opinion, or are there some listed cities that you felt are kinda "meh it's beautiful but not spectacular"

6)- Which cities would be more walkable? Are there cities in the ones listed where each attraction is far from the other and where you have to take the bus or metro to go from each attraction to another? or are all cities walkable with a somewhat compact "old center" and attractions close to each others...

7)- Which country would have less tourists? Sometimes I read that there are huge lines and huge crowds in certain cities around the attractions, is Italy more crowded or are they both equally very crowded.

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