New Spain and New France

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Each of the writings for this week have been filtered through a particular system (or set of systems) that result from the world view of the writer. This world view or system, however you might describe it, is 'X'. For each of the readings, describe what this X, what this system, does (what does X do?) while transferring information and ideas from the writer to the reader and what this might mean to the reader, then or now (What does X mean?). For instance, for Cabeza de Vaca, the lecture covered how at least four systems were at play in the telling of his story: psychological (Freudian flight/fight/fear), market (the economic place of the Shaman), mythological (the role of Mala Cosa or "Evil Thing" in creating the natives' fear of the Shaman) and political (though in much less degree than the other three, where women mediated between the men of warring tribes). How does this information regarding de Vaca inform our understanding of the text and what does it mean that we come to understand the text differently? What is gained? Lost?

Be sure to illustrate your discussion with a passage from each of the reading assignments and to post that by midnight Sunday, April 15. Responses to at least two journals and to one response to your journal should be posted by midnight Wednesday, April 18.


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