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Spain cracks down on Airbnb accommodation websiteSPAIN is cracking down on the Airbnb website.

The accommodation website, and other similar services that offer accommodation classed as ‘housing for tourist use’, are being slapped with a five-night minimum stay.

Furious hoteliers insist that the sites – through which people can advertise their own properties for tourists to rent – are bad for business.

Catalunya has already threatened the website, stating that the properties listed on it are breaking the law and need to be listed on the local registry.

Madrid has followed suit this week, enforcing a five-night minimum stay rule, which would force tourists visiting the city for the weekend to instead pay for a hotel room.

The average stay in the city is just two nights, so the new restrictions could mean that Airbnb is in real trouble.

According to estimates from Madrid, there are currently between 6, 000 and 8, 000 homes ‘for tourist use’ in the city, all of which will face the new restrictions.

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When was Madrid Spain discovered?

The site of Madrid has been occupied since prehistoric times.